Founded in 1980 Bonsall Shafferman is a highly accomplished architectural and interior design firm.  Their collective portfolio includes buildings of all types: healthcare, hospitality, office, retail & industrial.  All markets uniquely serviced.

Bonsall’s belief is that the process is just as important as the product.  Therefore, they have created a design studio delivery, where communication flows freely and the client can take a hands-on approach in the design experience.  Through careful design and thoughtfully arranged spaces, the team at Bonsall Shafferman connects the dots from a client’s vision to reality. 

Care is given to utilize resources efficiently.  This includes not only natural resources that go into the building design but also fiscal resources that create building value.  It is one thing to create an architecturally stunning building, it is another to design it with economic feasibility in mind.  Bonsall Shafferman has found an effective balance to deliver buildings that are visually stunning, sustainable in operation, efficient in utilization, and economically responsible. 

The architects at Bonsall Shafferman are ready to make your dreams a reality, come see how we can move you!